Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kunukku (Rice And Lentil Fritters)

Our mothers, grandmas and aunts were very frugal but extremely creative to provide the family with delectable food while keeping wastage to a minimum. Kunukku was one such invention to incorporate leftover batter to make fabulous snacks similar to pakodas. If the batter is too thin, a little whole wheat flour (1 or 2 Tbsp at a time) may be stirred in; it should be as thick as pancake batter. A half cup of vegetables like finely chopped onions, cabbage or spinach may be added to the batter. Kunukkus are so delicious that one is known to prepare them on occasion from fresh batter also!


2 cups of Leftover Adai Batter
1 pinch of Salt
1 sprig curry leaves, leaves finely sliced into ribbons
2 thin slices of ginger, finely chopped
1 hot green chili, seeds removed and chopped fine

Oil for deep frying


Mix the batter with salt, chili, curry leaves and ginger.

Heat the oil until very hot but not smoking; a tiny dribble of batter dropped in it should sizzle and start to brown right away.

Carefully drop small amounts of batter - rounded tablespoons - into the oil. Drop as many as will fit the pan without crowding. Turn over gently to brown on all sides.

Remove carefully from the oil with a slotted spoon and drain well on paper towels.

Serve hot with Green chutney, Date-Tamarind chutney, or with ketchup.

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