Monday, June 2, 2008

Banana Shake With Vanilla

Here is a lovely warm weather breakfast or afternoon snack. For best results use frozen overripe bananas -- those way past eating fresh -- with brown spots. To freeze them just peel, pop in resealable plastic bags or other container, and put in the freezer until needed to make this wonderful, cold, and satisfying meal in a glass!

Vegans or those with milk allergies, use soy or other type of "milk". If using vanilla bean, slit open and scrape the pulp inside into the blender. Discard pods or use it to perfume sugar for baking, Iced Coffee Quencher, etc by placing it in an air tight container of sugar.

1 large or 2 small servings


2 small ripe frozen bananas
a small handful of ice cubes(Optional)
1 tsp Pure Vanilla essence or 1 vanilla bean pod
1 cup Milk, any type (whole milk will give a richer result)


Place the bananas in a blender container with all the rest and whirl until pureed. Serve immediately in tall glasses. Bon appetit!

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