Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Garden Pictures

Here are some more pictures from the garden. Don't miss the special visitor!

Blooming Beauty: Epiphyllum

Our First Harvest 2009: Elephant Garlic
You can see the small bulb-lets on the garlic - "seeds" for next crop!
Kabocha Squash from the garden

Gerber Daisy

Reincarnation lily - comes back every year!

A visitor in the garden!!
Do you see me?
Now you do!!
Watch where you tread!
A humble cabbage core has so much energy still - sprouting new plants!

After many kind admonitions and queries from friends, I feel that I must add a comment about the snake. Most were concerned for my safety; others were for the snake :). I am very, very respectful of the snakes as well as being extremely diligent - snakebite is a very serious situation as I saw when I researched the topic. I have seen rattlers occasionally in the garden and am very careful to give them (and myself) lots of space. That particular one surprised me. It did not rattle or move at my approach or when I dropped the lid of the compost bin practically on top of it without looking down! I only saw it when I bent down to pick up the stick in the picture. The snake stayed put neatly coiled for several hours. It finally crawled away towards the evening. I felt that I owed it to myself and others to post a warning.

Rattlesnakes DO NOT always rattle; they have been known to bite without any warning at all. It is very easy to overlook them as they camouflage extremely well into the background as you can see in the picture. Rattlers are not aggressive typically and bite only when threatened or irritated. So, until cool weather forces them to hibernate, be wary (if you live in rattler country) when you step outside and also before allowing children or pets to go out into the garden.


Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Jana.
The pictures are lovely! The owls are sooooo adorable!!

Geetha said...

Hi Jana,
Thanks for visiting and your comments. I hope you are having a lovely summer.