Sunday, July 5, 2009

Owl Babies

This year the garden is prolific with not just flowers but lots of creatures too :-)! Although I have seen many kinds of birds, cotton tail rabbits, and squirrels, it is the very first year I have seen baby owls in our garden. I found these owl babies (great horned owls, I believe) in the hedge when I was investigating some chirping sounds I heard one morning; they were very obliging to stay put while I went to fetch my camera. There were 5 of them actually but I would have had to disturb them by moving the branches to get all of them in the picture. The owl babies seem to like these bushes to hang out during the day.

Owl Babies: Sara, Percy and Bill?

sleepy babies

Here is a picture of one our resident Mourning Doves nesting right by our front door - they have been nesting every year for as long as I can remember. Initially everyone thinks it is only a decoration; they are amazed to find the bird is real!

Mourning Dove


Anonymous said...

Pictures of the owl babies were amazing! I have never seen them in a backyard garden before. You must have a safe haven for all these creatures.

Geetha said...

Thank you Anon for your comments. I am quite amazed that I was able to not only see them but photograph them too. I am glad they feel safe in the garden. It is quite exhilarating to experience the wonders of nature! - Geetha