Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Easy No-Cook Instant Snack Pudding/Overnight Breakfast

Easy No-Cook Instant Snack Pudding or Overnight Breakfast is one of our favorite everyday go-to recipes. Although the Pudding maybe eaten immediately, I like to allow the chia seeds to soak and bloom so it can be enjoyed as a thick, creamy pudding. It is a perfectly filling and satisfying breakfast/snack rich in fiber/pre and probiotics for gut health, heart healthy fats, anti-oxidaents, as well as proteins and complex carbs. This works well with or without nuts and grains. I like adding a little or more of the oats depending on if this is a snack or breakfast. It is fat & dairy free; it is also gluten free when you use gf oats.

Use the plant milk yogurt for the added bonus of gut-healthy and immunity boosting probiotics. For a sweeter snack or breakfast, add 1-2 chopped Dates. If you like, a scoop of protein powder maybe stirred in as well.

I often make a mega batch = triple/quadruple etc = for the week to enjoy this lovely No-cook recipe for snacks as well as breakfast.

Another lovely variation is to add some grated apple or chopped or mashed bananas whether for enjoying immediately or overnight. 

1 Serving


1 cup plant Milk/Yogurt 
1-2 Dates, chopped (optional)
1 T Chia seeds
1 T ground Flax seeds
1 T Hemp hearts
1/3 cup Wholegrain Oats, gluten free (optional)
1 cup Berries/Fruit, fresh/frozen thawed
1-2 T sliced Almonds/or nut/seed mix


Combine plant milk/yogurt and the chia seeds in a bowl or jar. I like using a 1 quart wide-mouth jar or a big bowl. Mix well. 

Stir in the dates if using along with the other seed and grain ingredients, cover, and reserve in the refrigerator. 

Top with berries/fruit and the almonds or nut mix.


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