Friday, December 16, 2011

Amazingly Simple Super Snacks

Here are a few amazingly simple snacks that take hardly any time to put together. Everyone needs a nice pick-me-up now and then if not daily. Just plan ahead to stock your fridge and pantry with the necessities. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or cookies laden with tons of unwanted calories and hard to pronounce chemicals and fillers, these hip yummy snacks will fill the bill without contributing to expanding hips or other parts of one's anatomy - been there and done that :D.

1. Yogurt with Honey and Poppy Seeds: One of the delicious Turkish treats that we loved was a plate of thick, creamy yogurt with toasted poppy seeds and honey. It is so simple and yet really amazingly delicious! Place half a cup of plain yogurt in a bowl, drizzle a little honey, and sprinkle with toasted white poppy seeds. Other nuts or seeds may be used instead of the poppy seeds. Serve immediately. Afiyet olsun!

2. Sprouted Peas/Beans Salad: Sprouted bean salads are wonderful as appetizers/starters and snacks as they are deliciously filling without being calorie-laden. If you have sprouts sitting in your fridge, nothing could be simpler than douse a little bowl of them with a little lime or lemon juice or your favorite salad dressing. Super!

3. Chutney Potatoes: If there are leftover roasted/baked/steamed potatoes (or other veggies) with no place to go, add a dollop of your favorite chutney or thogayal, and you will have a delicious snack in no time at all. The veggies may be warmed first if you like a warm snack. Try Green Chutney and/or Sweet Chutney. Delicious!

4. Chutney/Thogayal Toast: Toast a slice or two of good wholegrain bread and spread with your favorite chutney or thogayal for a toothsome treat. You can also spread the toast with your favorite nut butter before adding the chutney/thogayal. Yum!

5. Papad Chat: Papads or papadams are thin wafers made of lentils. Many kinds of papadams are available in Indian markets; some are plain and simple while others are spicy. They need to be roasted over fire or fried before eating. Papadams can also be roasted in the microwave oven - simply heat two or three in a single layer for about a minute until crisp. Serve your favorite type of papadams toasted or fried with one or more colorful vegetable salad/salsa or a raita in small bowls for dipping or topping. Enjoy!!


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