Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kuzhambu Podi (Spice Mix)

Kuzhambu podi is similar to Sambar Podi but the spices are not roasted. Besides being used to make many a kuzhambu or stew, it is a wonderful spice mix to sprinkle over any veggie curry while being sauteed. This podi may be used in place of Sambar Podi and to make sambar also. The podi maybe added to the thadka/thalippu and stirred for a few seconds before adding veggies or wet ingredients.

Traditional kuzhambu podi does not contain cumin seeds in our homes; but some might like to include them. I make the podi in small quantities so that it is used up while it is still fresh.


1/8 cup Chana dal
1/4 cup Toor dal
1/2 cup Coriander Seeds
1/8 cup Cumin Seeds (optional)
1/2 cup dry Red chiles or to taste
2 Tbsp Whole Black Peppercorns


Sort all the ingredients to check for discolored or damaged materials, stones or other debris.

Combine all the ingredients in a spice grinder and process into a gritty powder; this may have to done in batches. Turn off the motor and allow the dust to settle before opening the grinder.

Store in a sterile, dry airtight jar in a cool, dark cupboard. It should stay fresh for about three months.

Add a teaspoon, tablespoon, or more of this spice mix to your favorite dishes to make them flavorful and tasty.


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