Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flora And Fauna From My Garden

Here are some pictures of the buds, blooms, and critters. I finally managed to capture the baby bunny on 'film'; but alas, he has grown quite a bit! I had wanted to catch him at his 'ping pong ball size' stage; oh well, he is still small compared to the mature ones.

Aha! Got you finally! - Cotton Tail Rabbit

Two big ones

Pretty pink posy - Geranium

Don't these grapes look grand?

More pink posies - Mexican Primrose

some mint I grew from the stems

California Poppy

Red Flax

Lovely Columbine

Purple Posy -Martha Washington Geranium

'New Day'


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics!

Geetha said...

Sangi, Thank you for visiting and for your comments :).