Thursday, August 22, 2013

Happiness - how to increase it

Pursuit of happiness is our unalienable right; but how can we achieve it? Here is my quick summary of what we can do to achieve our goal based on an article I read recently.

10 amazingly simple things you can do to increase your happiness quotient :)

1.  Regular exercise – even a little can make a difference with countless benefits!
2.  Adequate Sleep – in addition to all the other benefits including recharging, recovery, and relaxation, it also helps us be happy and more positive.
3.  Live close to work – the stress of long commute builds up; better job, higher pay or bigger home just don’t make up for the daily drag.
4.  Schedule time with family and friends – ultimately, the important things that matter in life are our relationships with others.
5.  Commune with Mother Nature – natural environments like the forests, beaches, mountains, gardens, etc are the best for maximum happiness; so get your 20 minutes of fresh air every morning or evening when the weather is cool!
6.  Service to others – do little or big deeds of kindness every day as part of daily living so that it becomes our second nature!
7.  Smile! – even if you don’t feel like it, put your heart into it and practice smiling like you mean it with your whole face anyway :). It works!
8.  Plan your dream vacation – even if you cannot follow through with it right away, the act of planning and the anticipation are apparently the best parts of a vacation!
9.  Meditation – regular meditation permanently alters the brain and promotes happiness in addition to myriad other benefits.
10. Exercise gratitude – genuine gratitude increases happiness, appreciation, and life satisfaction.
     Lastly, and best of all: Getting old makes us happier!!! According to research, people seek out situations that lift their moods as they age. So, we needn't be afraid of growing older – we can look forward to being more positive as we grow older, wiser, and - happier! Be Happy!


Anonymous said...

Dear Geetha,

Impressive one to follow in our day today life

Geetha said...

Hi Anon, It is an impressive list but not an impossible one :). If we make up our minds, we can do anything! According to the article, just looking at pictures and the details of the plan for the dream vacation can generate happiness. Here's to happiness today and everyday!

Manjusha said...

Hi Geetha,I am a new blogger .so first time here and I love your blog :)..This article is really worth reading :).

Geetha said...

Welcome PraManj! Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to know that you like this article. Happiness to you!