Monday, July 15, 2013

Chukku Kappi (Herbal "Coffee" With Coriander & Ginger)

 Chukku Kappi

Chukku Kappi is a delicious and refreshing herbal beverage - in spite of the word Kappi (coffee), there is no coffee nor caffeine in the ancient recipe! I was reminded of this beverage when Keeshu found a jar at the Indian market and wanted to try it; it listed coffee as one of the ingredients - you are welcome to add ground coffee or tea leaves to this recipe if you like. I love the caffeine-less original recipe suitable for all ages, all times, and diets; so here it is :).

Chukku Kappi is quite similar to Ginger Tea using fresh ginger; it is quite easy and simple to make. It is served as a home remedy for cold/cough or indigestion. I keep a jar of it in my cupboard and quickly make some as needed.

Some recipes include cardamom, cumin, cloves, fennel seeds and the holy basil; add them to your "coffee" if you wish.

Chukku Kappi ingredients

 Ground Chukku Kappi 

About 6 cups


2 T Coriander Seeds
1" Knob whole Dry Ginger or 2 T ground
1 t whole Black Pepper (optional)
Palm sugar, regular Jaggery, or Brown Sugar to taste


Dry roast the coriander until fragrant and slightly browned; transfer to a small plate to cool.

While the coriander is cooling, pound the dry ginger into small pieces; whole pieces are hard to grind in the spice grinder.

Pulverize the coriander with the ginger (and the pepper if using) in a spice grinder or a mortar and pestle.

Store the chukku kappi in a clean airtight jar.

Heat a cup of water with the palm sugar/jaggery to boiling and add 1 tsp of the kappi; simmer for a minute, remove from heat, and cover.  Let steep for a couple of minutes. Alternately, pour boiling water over the kappi in a small teapot, cup, or mug and steep.

Strain the kappi and serve; although typically it is served warm or hot, it may be served cold also. Traditionally this beverage is not served with milk or cream; but you may add them if you wish. Enjoy!!

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