Friday, April 26, 2013

Ginger Lemonade/Limeade

Ginger Lemonade Concentrate

When warm weather approaches, I stock the fridge with good tasting and healthy quenchers.  Ginger Lemonade makes it very easy to include the amazingly healthful ginger in the diet. Kept in the fridge, the ginger lemonade concentrate provides a lovely and refreshing beverage ready to go!

Use any variety of lemons or limes in any combination - we especially love the juicy and flavorful Meyer lemons for this.

Researchers from around the world are studying the effect of ginger in treating many ailments. Ginger has so many wonderful health benefits, I will list the first 10 that come to mind: 

1.  it stops/slows growth of ovarian and colo-rectal cancer cells 
2.  effective for treating morning sickness
3.  effective remedy for nausea and motion sickness
4.  reduces pain and inflammation
5.  relieves heartburn and other digestive tract distress
6.  it is a natural treatment for cold, cough, and flu (ginger tea)
7.  provides migraine relief
8.  used for menstrual cramps relief
9.  prevention of kidney damage 
10. it is antibiotic and anti-fungal

Note:  I save the strained ginger for cooking as it is still good and delicious.

3 cups of concentrate


1/2 cup Evaporated Cane Juice (Sugar)
1 pinch Sea Salt
4 - 6 Tbsp Fresh Ginger, finely grated or ground
2 cups fresh Water
1 cup freshly squeezed Lemon/Lime Juice


Place the sugar, salt, ginger and water in a saucepan and bring to a rolling boil stirring occasionally.

Turn heat to low and simmer for about 3 minutes.

Remove from heat, cover, and let steep for about 10 minutes.

Strain into a clean container and stir in the lemon/lime juice (save the ginger for cooking, it is still good).

Mix well, pour into sterile glass jars and cool completely.

Store the lemonade concentrate in the fridge to use as needed.

Fill glasses with ice and add the lemonade concentrate.  Stir in a little plain or sparkling water to taste.

Bottoms up :) - Enjoy!!


Anonymous said...

The recipe makes me feel the taste and your writing is just as wonderful as ever. Only I am lazy.... However will overcome it and try to make the ginger lemonade and enjoy it. Sheelu

Geetha said...

Thank you Sheelu for your comment. This takes just minutes to make - especially if you have a helper :) Happy cooking!

nancy robinson said...

i have been craving a ginger/lemonade drink as i live in the desert! thank you. also, can you advise me how to make the 'singharas' as mentioned on mrinilini mata's cd? are they like samosas? pakoras?

Geetha said...

Hello Nancy,
I am glad that you like the ginger lemonade. Samosas are called singharas in the Bengali language. I will post a recipe for samosas soon; but until then try these:
Happy cooking :)!