Friday, July 23, 2010

Homegrown Greens/Herbs: Sorrel (Rumex acetosa)

Plain green leaves of Sorrel (in the foreground) happily growing with Red Chard

Sorrel or French sorrel is a wonderful herb and does well in a pot or in the ground. It has a lovely acid flavor that works well in salads, soups and curries. For those who love Gongura, sorrel is a fabulous alternative as it is available quite readily as plants or seeds in most nurseries. It is a perennial plant that tolerates some cold weather and is available year around in mild winter areas. Harvest leaves by carefully breaking off the stems from the base.

Tender young leaves can be added to salads. Add a few leaves of finely chopped sorrel to soups, dals, or kuzhambus to add a delicious piquancy. I like to chop them finely so that the leaves can mix in thoroughly in whichever dish they are added because they turn a dark olive green upon heating. Try cooking the leaves in: Mung Kuzhambu, Mor Kuzhambu, Mor Kootu, etc.


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Geetha said...

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